Thom Ross was born in San Francisco, California in 1952, and was raised in Sausalito, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thom currently resides in Washington.

"How I became involved in the "Old West" is hard to figure out, although I dare say it is due to the preponderance of "westerns" on the television when I was a kid. How was I to know that all those shows were fictional? I used to sit in my upstairs bedroom window and bemoan the fact that I lived in the East; for I MUST be living in the East, there wasn't an indian or a cowboy or a gunfight to be seen anywhere. Little did I know I lived about as far "West" as you can get without falling into the Pacific Ocean.

"In the years since then, I have been actively painting and studying and "living" the "Wild West" dreams of my childhood.

"My western art has been used as the cover image for many historical books on the "Old West" and recently I released my first book. The next project I am at work on is illustrating the 100th Anniversary Edition of Owen Wister's classic, "The Virginian", being released by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, in Cody, Wyoming."

Cody As An Old Man

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Indian Chief

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Walking Gunmen

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