John Gallis has been fashioning custom furniture for over twenty years. John designs the pieces based on the feel of the wood, the flow of the grain and of course the customer's wishes. Thus, no two pieces are alike. Each piece is hand crafted and designed by John. He says "My style of woodworking combines appearance of movement with sleek design to create a smooth flow that bridges the gap between decor, rooms and architecture. There's nothing like the beauty and natural grain of wood with its graceful and unassuming presence to add life to a room."

Winner of many awards, including the 1997 Exhibitors Choice Award, the 1998 Peoples Choice Award, the 1999 Best Woodworking Craftsmanship Title, and the 2000 Peoples Choice Award, Martin Harris Gallery Award for Excellence, and the Switchback Ranch Purchase Award at the Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming, John's work brings together imaginative sensibility and striking elegance. He can create a piece to tie together your existing decorating schemes or you can choose from his pieces on display. Or choose to have him create a piece designed to your specifications.

Lighted Podium

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