"Painting and drawing really didn't play an important role in my life throughout my childhood and teenage years. In college I studied to be an accountant. I found my passion for painting and drawing in 1987, after my son was born. The genesis of my life as an artist unfolds here. I was searching for an occupation that would allow me to stay at home and raise my child, and still make ends meet. A desire to listen to my own voice and express myself through my paintings quickly became a passion.


"I have not had any formal art training, and have worked hard to develop my own style of expressing myself on paper and canvas. My paintings come from my heart. They are a contemporary expression of my subject matter, both through my choices of vibrant color and textures that I use. Color is a universal language that stirs up emotions and passion in all of us. It brings people the message of happiness, and I try to convey this message with the colors that I choose. I have always painted with a bright palette. While in the recent past I have used similar vibrant colors in my work, I feel it has been constantly evolving as I have strived to learn how to work with and layer these colors in more complex ways. I have found that the most fascinating aspect of painting is that the possibilities are endless and ever-changing."


The Big Horn Galleries is pleased to present Montana Artist, Carol Hagan. Please take a few moments to enjoy her work.


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