As native of the west, Tracy Turner Sheppard grew up surrounded by landscapes of astonishing diversity, light and beauty.  As a result, she developed a great passion for wild places and a love for the infinite ways color and light manifest with form on this earth.  Her work is a reflection of that love ans seeks to express a magical reality with color as the universal language.  Tracy plays with its endless variety and vibrancy, translating her own sense of joy and mystery of the physical world onto canvas.

After starting a painting outdoors, she will spend more time with it in the studio, bringing in her own impressions and memories.  Using a glazing technique, she adds layers of color to the surface of the painting, giving great depth and a high saturation to the colors, as well as satisfying her love for the feeling of a work being lit from within.

Tracy feels a great kinship with the art of the Fauve painters, Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, Ansel Adams, Canadian painters Emily Carr and Lawren Harris, and the great Russian mystic painter Nicholas Roerich.  "I love their bold expressions of color and light, and a reverence for nature."


"For me, painting is devotions. It is a simple, ongoing prayer to the natural world, a visual narrative of the beauty I see everywhere."



Desert Bloom

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Little Church, Ojo Sarco

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Mesa Blaze

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Morning At Cathedral Rock

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Red Earth After Snowmelt

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Spring - Red Rock Crossing

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