Olivia Christensen was born in Cody, Wyoming in 1995 and has lived in Wyoming all her life.  She She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Wyoming in 2017.  Her work offers a distinct taste of western art that is a product of the timeless rustic beauty that Wyoming embodies. 

Olivia consistently strives to produce finely detailed work that reflects Wyoming's historic and rugged characteristics that have withstood the test of time and natural elements of the true American West and bring to life the ever changing landscapes in Wyoming.   Her work offers an unconventional approach to Wyoming beauty and western art in general.  There are so many moments and pieces of Wyoming history that go unnoticed in the modern world, her goal is to communicate the relevance of small details and weathered beauty.

Olivia's current series of oil paintings are inspired by old, rust-covered neon signs that she found in both Wyoming and Montana.  "Each sign within their landscape of residence have their own timeless, historic and rugged story to tell."  That is exactly what she captures in all of her work.

As an artist, Olivia identifies with the significance of the ability to be reshaped gracefully by your environment, just as her neon signs have been.  Her work "reflects the compelling state of objects worn over time in Wyoming's landscape as they become a product of the wild and untamed place we call home".  Olivia's artwork does not focus solely on one specific chapter in the story of the American west, bur rather "they provide a take on western art that captures the many years, time periods and evolutions that our beautiful state has endured and grown from".



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